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Meet The SheJumps Team

We have a new class of Regional Coordinators and some new National Directors, so we’d like to take a minute to introduce you to the team that eats, sleeps, and breathes SheJumps on a daily basis!

Far North

Kellie Okonek – Kellie is the kind of person who’s always looking to push herself to the next level. She’s a pilot, an engineer, a mountaineer, and an asset to the SheJumps organization!

Meg Smith – Meg is passionate about the outdoors! This passion brought her to Alaska where she’s a big mountain skier, class V whitewater kayaker, graphic designer, and key member of the SheJumps team.

Pacific Coast

McKenzie Temple: Washington – McKenzie is an amazingly energetic skier that calls Washington home. She’s one of our new additions to the SheJumps team, but she’s already an event planning machine!

Meaghann Gaffney: Washington – Meaghann is our new Assistant Regional Coordinator for WA and a complete ball of energy! She loves skiing and the mountains in general and is here to spread stoke!

Lindsey Clark: Oregon – Lindsey stepped up to the Regional Coordinator position this year after serving as an Ambassador in 2013. She’s a skier at heart, but loves to take in nature any way she can with her fluffy dog!

Meghan Kelly: California/Tahoe – Meghan wears many hats – charging telemark skier, class IV kayaker, enduro mountain biker, aspiring sailor, teacher, engineer, and comedian. We are lucky to have her on our team!


Sara Valerious – Sara joined the SheJumps team in Utah this year! She has a teaching background and a passion for getting others outdoors. Sara is pumped about joining the team and we are thrilled to have her!!

Laura Dale – Laura is a veteran of the SheJumps team! She calls Idaho home – where she enjoys finding adventures to embark on in the expansive wilderness, as well as tending to her garden and chickens!

Julie Youngblood – Julie joins as an Assistant Regional Coordinator in 2014, after a term as an Ambassador! She lives in Sun Valley, ID where she is an avid skier, local firefighter, and general enjoyer of the the outdoors.


Melissa Harms – Melissa serves both as a Rockies Regional Coordinator and the Outdoor Education Director! She has a background in education, coaching, athletics, and search & rescue.

Carissa Barnett – Carissa was an Ambassador in 2013 and stepped up as a Regional Coordinator in 2014. She has a master’s in educational policy and a passion for all things outdoors. She calls Jackson, WY home.


Katie Bailey – Katie calls Kalamazoo home. In her spare time she leads wilderness backpacking trips, fosters puppies, and is working toward her personal training certification.


Megan Davin – Megan has been a part of the SheJumps team since 2012. She works in the outdoor industry, owns her own business, and spends as much time as she can outside skiing and mountain biking.

Katie Adams – Katie joined the SheJumps team this year. She’s excited to be bringing some events to Vermont this year! In her free time, Katie enjoys getting outside to go skiing and hiking as often as she can.


Cristy Watson – Cristy serves as Southeast Regional Coordinator and Web Director. When she’s not hard at work on her computer, she enjoys spending her spare time skiing, climbing mountains, fishing, and surfing.

National Directors

Claire Smallwood – Claire is our fearless leader, the Executive Director of SheJumps. But when she does have some spare time, you can find her skiing or cooking as a private chef in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Carla von Trapp Hunter – Carla is the SheJumps Marketing Director – she provides the guidance and vision on our brand marketing. She hopes to expose others to nature as as a key to inspire and empower.

Rachel Reich – Rachel is the SheJumps Digital Media Director – meaning if you follow us on social media, you’re hearing from her! Oh yeah, she’s also a really amazing splitboarder and loves the backcountry!

Cristy Watson – Cristy serves as Web Director and Southeast Regional Coordinator. See the Southeast Section.

Melissa Harms – Melissa serves both as the Outdoor Education Director and as a Rockies Regional Coordinator! See the Rockies Section.

Laurel Peak – Laurel has a name that screams outdoors and adventurous spirit to match! As our Youth Initiatives Director, she’s focusing on one of the most important areas for our organization – the next generation!

Autumn Foushée Autumn serves as Youth Initiatives Assistant Director. She has experience in running a nonprofit of her own, and has previously served in the SheJumps Regional Coordinator position!

Tracy Remelius Tracy, our Get the Girls Out Director, hails from the Northeast. She has a background in yoga and skiing. Most importantly she has a positive outlook and is full of encouragement for others to get involved!

Ginny Galbreth Ginny stepped up as our Get the Girls Out Assistant Director this year! She has a background in coaching, but these day you can find her her skiing or trail running in her spare time.

Top Image Photo Credit: Sierra Anderson

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