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Mountain Playground Card Partner Profile: Coalition Snow + Jen Gurecki

Jen Gurecki is the CEO of innovative ski manufacturer Coalition Snow. This Lake Tahoe company makes skis and snowboards designed by and and built for women. With innovative designs coupled with progressive shapes, their products are freeride inspired and have garnered praise from athletes, media and enthusiasts around the globe.

“The Coalition team is inspired by fierce women who push the boundaries both on and off the mountain,” says Gurecki. “They motivate us to think bigger and bolder, broadening what we all believe to be possible.”

Jen and Coalition Snow are proud to support SheJumps by participating as a partner brand with the Mountain Playground Card program. Cardholders receive 30% off of Coalition Snow lifestyle goods purchases, and the purchase of each Mountain Playground card benefits SheJumps. Get your card today here!

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