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Mountain Playground Card Partner Profile: Krimson Klover

SheJumps & Mountain Playground Card Partner Profile: Krimson Klover + Rhonda Swenson

Rhonda and Krimson Klover are proud to support SheJumps by participating as a partner brand in the Mountain Playground Card. Cardholders receive 20% off of non-sale Krimson Klover purchases, and the purchase of each Mountain Playground card benefits SheJumps. Get your card today here:

Rhonda Swenson heads up Krimson Klover, a rapidly growing company that’s known for fun knitwear and funky base layers all created with a unique style by women for women. Rhonda headlines the brand and also is making waves in the ski industry as a board member of the annual Snowsports Industry Trade Show.

“It takes a certain personality type to start a business. Says Rhonda. “I’m a crazy risk taker. You know, jump in with both feet, figure it out later. So if you’re starting your own business? Just GO for it. It’s easy to have an idea, but you won’t know if you can make something out of it unless you do something about it. I’m of the mindset that failure is just not an option, so just keep going. You can always figure out a way around an obstacle.”

SheJumps can totally get behind this mindset, and we appreciate it when other women are out there taking a jump–and it’s not always about actually letting your feet off the ground! Take a jump and support SheJumps today by purchasing a card–Krimson Klover is just one of many awesome businesses offering perks for cardholders. Stay tuned for more information about ways SheJumps and the Mountain Playground card are bringing the ski community awesome benefits.



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