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My Hero Kit is in my Pocket for Good

When I heard SheJumps was going to partner up with Hero Kits, I was psyched to try this sweet package of mountain bike tool goodies. I spend a lot of time on my mountain bike, and I am usually pretty fortunate when it comes to keeping my bike running. All that being said, I am always looking for ways to ensure I can keep riding my bike when I want to!

The hero kit came on a Friday, and the next morning the Kit got its first shot to prove itself. My partner, a friend, and I planned to mountain bike 65 miles in northern Michigan that Saturday. I knew that with that many people and that many bikes we would need the Hero Kit at some point.  Before we even started our ride, the Hero Kit came in handy. My boyfriend had forgotten his water bottle cage. We quickly used the multi-tool to remove one of my cages, and we put it onto his bike. Hero Kit – 1, Dehydration – 0.

Charles using the HeroKit for the first time. The kit came in handy before we were even on the trails!

Charles using the HeroKit for the first time. The kit came in handy before we were even on the trails!

From there, we rode 65 miles with no issues! Usually we can not ride 15 miles without issue, but this day was on our side!

We made it 65 miles on only needed the HeroKit once!

We made it 65 miles and only needed the HeroKit once!

Later that week, I was out on a training ride, and the multi-tool came in handy again. I used it to tighten my pedals. Hero Kit – 2, Unclipping too soon, crashing, hitting a tree – 0. I love how the multi-tool is super compact and easy to access. When my fingers are sweaty, I can still actually open up the tool and use it. I have put this multi-tool into my seat bag in place of my older multi-tool.


My favorite part of the HeroKit is definitely the compact and easy-to-use multi-tool.

In addition to a killer multi-tool, the Hero Kit has a number of awesome components. First, everything fits perfectly into a plastic pouch; it is pretty cool how everything fits together, and you can actually put everything back into the pouch. After a few rides and tosses in and out of my jersey pocket, the plastic started to rip, so I switched over to a really small stuff sack from an old down coat. I decided to take a few things out of the hero kit that I was not using, and this is working really well for me. I can easily stuff everything into my jersey pocket. I even used the kit during this past weekend. I still have the manual, the butt tissue, the duct tape, the zip ties, and the chain links. I think the wipes are a totally kick-butt idea. Duct tape is a essential and zip ties have become a great, lightweight addition to what I carry on longer trainings rides.

All in all, the hero kit is a great product. For people new to cycling, this kit is a great place to start when it comes to learning about bike maintenance. You can learn a ton from the small manual, and it empowers people to try to fix their bikes. In addition to this, newbies can feel confident knowing they have what they need to fix most issues on the road or trail. Not enough can be said about the importance of this fact alone. This kit is also good for people who are not organized or often forget something crucial on every ride. I am this person. Historically I have found myself out on a ride with everything I need to fix my chain except a chain tool. This kit allows me to think less about what I am bringing on each ride because I just toss everything into my back pocket.

I could have used the HeroKit on this Trike!

I could have used the HeroKit on this trike!

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