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Our favorite Ski & Snowboard Gear for Idaho

If you’ve ever been skiing or snowboarding, you know that sliding around on snowy mountains is undoubtedly some of the most fun a gal can have. But deciding where to go, let alone sifting through the constantly growing and evolving selection of ski and snowboard gear can be downright overwhelming. Which skis do I want? How about outerwear? Will it work well for the conditions here? Fear not! To help dumb it down, your local SheJumps Ambassadors are sharing their favorite gear for the area so you can spend less time sifting through hundreds of reviews and get out there with the clothing and equipment you know works best! Used and trusted by the badass women you know and love, this is SheJumps favorite ski and snowboard gear for Idaho:

Cheryl Kochevar – Idaho

Home Base: Schweitzer

What’s unique about skiing in your region?

We have our choice of downhill, touring, and cross country single track all in one place!

Where specifically do you prefer to ride and why?

I am new to Schweitzer, Crystal was my old home mountain.  At CM I loved Northway and all of the little pokey runs through trees on the main lifts.  At Schweitzer I already love the backside!

What is your favorite run/trail at your home mountain?

TBD……..for now….anything down the backside, oh! oh!  and the trees here!  So many deciduous trees that make for great visibility and hardly any tree wells at all!!!

Favorite skis for your region? Why? (Pick up to 3 pairs of skis)

Well….my Line Pandoras because…the big girls (Pandora 104s) are great for pow and my smaller ones (Pandora 94s) for playing around as well as a 3rd pair that I have mounted for touring which are awesome! Also, EVERY girl also needs a pair of solid carvers, face it, there are more rock hard days than pow!  For that my Atomic Vantage 90 is the go to choice. You just can’t eat up ripping the groomers on a pow ski!

Favorite outerwear — jacket and pants — for your region? Why?

Patagonia Powslayer Jackets and Powslayer Pants can’t be beat for staying dry and layer ability and venting!

Favorite accessories for your region? Why?

Patagonia Down Sweater and Patagonia Nano Puff for giving just the right amount of warmth in varying temps.  Also love my Giro helmet and goggle combo with varying lenses for bluebird or fog!

Secret(s) to thriving as a skier/snowboarder in your region?

Skiing everyday as a retiree keeps life fun, funner, and funnest!!!  Living on the mountain (as we did at CM for the past 7 years) doesn’t hurt either!

Still have questions about ski/snowboard gear?

Call, browse online, or stop by evo — a pioneering outdoors shop with a knowledgeable customer care team and flagship stores in Seattle, PortlandDenver, and Whistler, evo is our go-to resource for everything ski, snowboard, mountain bike, surf, skate and wake.

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