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Partner Profile: Carve Designs

Did you get on the water this summer? SheJumps was thrilled to bring more water based activities to our communities thanks to our generous partner Carve Designs. Thanks to Carve, this summer SheJumps launched the Surf and SUP Series, where close to 200 women tried water sports. This included surfing in Virginia, sailing and SUP in Vermont, SUP Yoga in Washington, and more paddleboarding in Massachusetts! Kicking off this partnership was a win-win since SheJumps loves to support women owned businesses who care about the environment and give back to the outdoor community. Learn more about Carve! We’re already dreaming about more fun in the water and waves next summer!

What inspired your founders to start the company?

Carve Designs was born following a surf trip to San Pancho, Mexico, when lifelong friends Thayer Sylvester and Jen Hinton  lamented how hard it was to find board shorts for real women with real bodies – and a genuine passion for adventure. Started as a surf apparel company selling rashguards and boardshorts in 2003, Carve Designs has grown into a complete beach lifestyle brand; offering surf, swim, fitness, and lifestyle clothing.  Designed in California by female designers who test drive every piece themselves, the brand is dedicated to providing effortless feminine clothing that is as inspirational and versatile as the women who wear it.

What does being a “lady boss” mean to you?

Thayer and Jen are both career women and mothers, and consistent with the stereotype, believe that women are good listeners.  “As female bosses, we listen to our employees and pride themselves on their ability to provide a flexible work-life balance.  We hope to empower our employees to live their best lives both in and out of the office”. – Thayer Sylvester, Co-founder and CEO

What inspired Carve to support SheJumps and help more women and girls get on the water?

“SheJumps’ mission to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities aligns directly with Carves Designs’ purpose to create versatile clothing for women with real bodies and a passion for adventure.  Carve Designs’ apparel is inspired by the calm content feeling of the beach, waves and water, and through SheJumps, we hope to inspire more women—of all ages, shapes and sizes—to engage in the water-based activities that fuel our passions.” –Allison Gigliotti, Marketing Director

At SheJumps, keeping our outdoor playground healthy and accessible is a priority. Is there anything you’d like to share about your environmental sustainability practices?

Along with a commitment to safe and fair manufacturing, Carve Designs is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, whose ethos to reduce environmental impact is reflected in Carve Designs’ business practices: from the use of 100% organic cotton in all knits, to sustainable, biodegradable Tencel and Modal in its lifestyle apparel line.

How else does Carve work to support the outdoor community?

In addition to SheJumps, Carve Designs supports additional community organizations including the Send It Foundation ( and Brown Girl Surf (

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