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Partner Profile: Defunkify

Updated: May 29, 2019

We’re excited to announce our newest swag partner! At all of our events for the rest of this year, you’ll be taking home samples of Defunkify detergent! It’s a green sport wash that will give your funky sporting goods a fresh take on life. It even comes in expedition strength odor blocker! If you’ve been looking for a detergent that’s gentle on the planet, but tough on your gear, we hope you’ll enjoy Defunkify.

Where does your product fit into the outdoor community/industry?

Well our most popular product, Defunkify ACTIVE WASH Laundry Detergent, delivers the clean you’ve always dreamed of. It actually removes the odor causing buildup with plant-based enzymes, is residue-free, and unscented so you know it works. At you can learn all about the source and purpose of each ingredient, and even take a microscopic dive between the fibers to see Defunkify.

What inspired your founders to start the company?

We believe what goes IN, ON and AROUND us matters. Yet, so many cleaning products on the shelf are subjecting people and the planet to underperforming, toxic ingredients. As parents, environmentalists, and experts in Green Chemistry, we knew we could do better. Much better. So, we launched Defunkify to create thoughtfully designed household cleaners from square-one & innovate final-formula testing to ensure efficacy and safety. It’s an uncompromising approach, and the result is exceptional… Powerful, ProvenSafe(TM) Cleaning. For All.

What inspired your company to support SheJumps and getting more women and girls the opportunity to experience the fun and confidence building of connecting to the outdoors?

You simply can’t overstate the value of playing outside. Our company is based in Eugene, Oregon and many of us have young families that we love to camp, bike, hike, climb and ski with. These outdoor activities create amazing opportunities for our children to solve problems, build confidence, connect with the planet, and have tons of fun! When we learned that She Jumps does all of this and more, we were thrilled and honored to get involved.

At SheJumps, keeping our outdoor playground healthy and accessible is a priority. Is there anything you’d like to share about your environmental sustainability practices?

Absolutely! The cleaning products industry is messy, littered with harmful ingredients and green washing. We’re not ok with that, and we aim to transform the industry with an uncompromising commitment to ingredient selection and final-formula testing. For instance, we start with ingredients approved by the EPA Safer Choice Program, formulate for performance, and finish with advanced screening methods that let us anticipate and avoid negative impacts. And we don’t stop at safe. We continue to use the fewest ingredients and guarantee incredible cleaning results. Because using less to get the clean you expect is simply better.

How else does Defunkify support the outdoor community?

We’re all about engaging with healthy living initiatives. The 365 Mile Challenge is another organization we’re partnered with to help people move 1 mile a day during 2019. Their participants are super motivated, and we love keeping their activewear funk-free as they crush 365+ miles this year. Many of us also serve as volunteer ski patrol at our local mountain, participate in the Great Willamette River Clean Up, and are involved with local animal shelters.

Is there anything you’d like to add about leadership opportunities for women in your company?

As a young, growing company with 9 full-time employees (4 women + 5 men), our success is a direct result of team creativity and execution. Everyone plays a monumental role at Defunkify, and trust us when we say that we’d barely be half as good without the amazing women on our team. Another awesome organization we’re partnered with is The Mama Ladder. They’re on a mission to help women around the world thrive at the intersection of mamahood and entrepreneurship, and we’re ecstatic to support with resources, connections and mentorship.

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