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Partner Profile: Kate’s Bars

We wanted to take some time to highlight our SheJumps partners for more people to learn how rad our partners really are. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already.

This week we are featuring Kate’s Real Food Bars!

Behind every great adventure we need food and water to be successful. And what better than energy packed small bar that was made for outdoor enthusiasts looking for the extra-added punch while in the backcountry. From the mountains to the farm where the ingredients are grown Kate’s makes great products with wholesome ingredients from organic farms. And it doesn’t freeze solid on the cold winter excursions!

Originating in Jackson Hole, Wyoming Kate’s original Tram bars were made for spending more time in the mountains and less time worrying about food. The philosophy behind the company is real food, outdoor play and responsible farming. Real Food is not using boring ingredients but rather ones that are delicious and give you energy. Outdoor Play is having the ability to play outside whether skiing, hiking, fishing, climbing, biking, etc you have the energy to keep moving all day long. Responsible Farming is using organic and GMO-free ingredients.

If you haven’t tried a Kate’s Bars yet- go to a SheJumps Get The Girls Out event and sink you teeth into your new backcountry friend and enjoy the adventure.

Happy Adventuring!

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