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Partner Profile: Lilypond

Lilypond Launches 5% Initiative; Names SheJumps As A Beneficiary

Lilypond –an environmentally and socially conscious company who designs bags and accessories for active women– has announced the launch of its 5% Lilypond Commitment Initiative. The Initiative establishes partnerships with three hand-picked nonprofits to whom they pledge to donate 5% of their annual sales from 2015. In identifying this year’s particular selection of organizations, Lilypond will bolster recreation outreach and conservation programs which help encourage women to enjoy the outdoors. With the following kind words from Lilypond, SheJumps is proud to announce that we are one of their partnered organizations for 2015!

“We are very proud to be launching this initiative, it allows us to do more than design bags for women. We’re able to support them in getting outdoors, subsequently encouraging a strong spirit and blissful life,” notes Alicia Brossart, Lilypond’s Marketing Manager. “SheJumps is an amazing organization; the fact that their programs even exist is heartening. Being able to partner with them on this level is an honor, because we really believe in their mission.”

About Lilypond Lilypond is an outdoor lifestyle brand that draws its name from a water lily’s symbolization of beauty and enlightenment but also a sign of a happy and healthy pond. Based out of Denver, CO the company consciously designs women’s bags and accessories for purposeful function and accompaniment to a woman who loves the outside world. The socially and environmentally responsible company is proud to use recycled materials and support organizations that are committed to promoting and protecting the outdoors. Visit for more information.

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