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Partner Profile: Soul Poles

With winter finally kicking into action all over the country we wanted to remind you of our partnership with Soul Poles, a Park City, UT-based company. Soul Poles is a ski pole company  known for producing high-quality, ski poles, while maintaining a focus on environmental responsibility.

What are SOUL POLES? 


Soul Poles are a one of a kind product created by skiers, for skiers, with an eye toward the future of our sport. Each and every Soul Pole is handcrafted in Park City, Utah using the most eco-friendly materials possible and is carefully guided through every step of the manufacturing process to ensure only the highest quality poles make it to you. In doing this, they help to reduce waste (by not having to replace your poles), initiate a sustainable movement within the ever-consuming ski industry, and provide you with not only a functional ski pole, but a piece of art as well – whether it is the Original Soul, or the Limited Edition.

Why should you like Soul Poles? No snow. No ski. That’s the simple fact of global warming and the grim predictions of disappearing alpine snow. And it inspired Soul’s singular focus: Innovate the greenest equipment in the snow sports industry by merging sustainable design with uncompromising performance and truly original style.

Founded and designed by former U.S. Ski Team racers competing at the World Cup and Olympic level. Made with Soul. They make our eco-friendly poles by hand in Park City, Utah, both to provide local employment as well as to curb emissions that cause the climate change threatening our snowy slopes.

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