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Recap! Teton Valley WAX&WINE: Get Tuned at Habitat

First off, what an awesome way to kick-off the season!  The energy was plentiful, stoke high, and it was the perfect evening to kick off  the 2017-2018 season.

Sooo many Ladies!

Sooo many Ladies!

The ladies of the Tetons certainly “jumped in” for what was definitely the largest gathering of SheJumps ladies on this side of Teton Pass.  We had around 70 people show up throughout the evening–and whether they jumped in to wax and tune their gear or to celebrate and kick off the season, a good time was had by all.  Way to show UP and represent Ladies!

I want to thank each of you for your energy and participation in the Wax&Wine: Get Tuned at Habitat night and hope you all had as much fun as I did.  I hope it proved to be an opportunity to connect with friends, meet new ones, find new ski partners and mostly, realize how strong and numerous our community of women truly is!

SheJumps and the ladies of the Tetons would like to say thanks again to the following:

Tower of raffle prizes

Tower of raffle prizes

Please join us for our upcoming LADIES AVALANCHE AWARENESS Night  on November 28 at the Teton County SAR Hanger from 6-8.  We are excited to be partnering again with Backcountry Zero and Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership Institute for a warm and supportive evening discussing backcountry readiness and avalanche awareness.

Also, look out for a Get the Girls Out at Grand Targhee Resort in January, International Women’s Ski Day at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and another Wax&Wine: Mid Season Tune Up in the near future.

Again, on behalf of myself, Lynsey Dyer, Ambassador Betsy Manero and the entire SheJumps crew… thank you for showing UP and helping us continue to increase the participation of women and girls in the outdoors.



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