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Rooted in Nature: Treeline Coffee Roasters

Making More Than Just a Good Cup of Coffee

Written by: Anna Bernard

Good things come from the mountains. Whether it be a story, a passion or new-found love, it is no revelation that Mother Nature is the lone source. She is capable of infinite beauty, and provides in endless ways. Just a few years ago, buried within the mountains of Bozeman, Montana, Mother Nature led the way as a small batch of artisan coffee roasters was born.

Formerly known as Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters, Treeline Coffee Roasters goes far beyond making a good cup of coffee. As fellow adventurers, mountain lovers and go-getters, Treeline believes that coffee should fuel passions, and be the companion to any and every adventure.

Natalie Van Dusen, the founder of Treeline Coffee Roasters, was on a cross-country motorcycle trip, when she made a visit to a farmer in Colombia. Fueled by curiosity, passion and love for a local brew, Van Dusen learned the ins and outs of coffee from farmer, Don Eilas. From growing to roasting over an open flame to using strange apparatuses, Van Dosen perfected her craft with years of trial and skill.

Treeline 2

Inspired by the mountains, Van Dusen brought her practice to Bozeman where she founded Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters (now known as Treeline Coffee Roasters).

“We believe in a great cup of coffee….anywhere,” said Van Dusen. “Coffee is a special thing and it touches so many people along the supply chain. Over the years we’ve met farmers and are building relationships — ultimately we’d like to have relationships with all of our growers in some way.”

Treeline makes it easy to make prime coffee, even if you’re off the grid. With a variety of small and easy to use devices to match the unbeatable coffee beans, no adventurer will ever go uncaffeinated again.

Treeline is dedicated to their coffee, from the farm all the way to the customer’s mug. Each year the team takes time to travel to growing coffee regions to bring back dynamic and refreshing coffee to Bozeman.

Treeline 1

“It’s important to us to source sustainable coffees, roast them so they are delicious, and then bring them to our customers so they can enjoy them wherever they may be,” said Van Dusen.

Treeline aims to educate their customers about the coffee that they are enjoying – for it is so much more than taste and caffeine. The team takes the process seriously; making a point to be a part of each and every step in the process of making great coffee and fueling others get outside.

“We partnered with SheJumps because we have a lot in common,” said Van Dusen. “We believe that education is powerful. By working together we can all grow, learn and do more cool things. We love how SheJumps empowers girls and women and hope to support that mission fully!”

Treeline 4

At the heart of Treeline Coffee Roasters, the aim is to empower one another. “Whether it’s paying a premium for quality coffee beans so our farmers can earn good wages, or doing what we can to support women and girls to get outside and experience adventures, we want people to be able to live full happy lives,” said Van Dosen.

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