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Seattle and the Northwest! We would love to introduce you to Kathy Kading!

Hello from the Rainy City! I am thrilled to be the Regional Coordinator for the Pacific Northwest this year. I currently live in Seattle, but have lived in Washington, D.C., Park City, UT and New York City all within the last year. I’ve rooted myself in Seattle for the time being and work as a marketing consultant for a local firm that I absolutely love. Outside of the office, I spend my time training for half marathons, practicing yoga, rock climbing and downhill skiing. Summer is one of my favorite seasons because of backpacking, rafting and camping trips. I’m looking forward to leading this coast along with Meghan Kelly and Lindsay McClure. I hope you’ll join us. Contact me at to get involved in the PNW!

How did you get involved with SheJumps?

I learned about SJ when I was living in Park City. I moved to the amazing little ski town during my first winter out of college to be a ski bum and was considering going to law school. One night at dinner with some friends, I noticed our server was wearing the SJ Girafficorn trucker hat which caught my eye… the rest is history.

Long story short: law school was out and SheJumps was in! Last February I worked with Tamra Geryk and Meaghann Gaffney to plan Get The Girls Out to Crystal Mountain. It was the best ski day of my season. Check out our video below:

Why do you want to be the Regional Coordinator for the PNW?

I have a passion for the Northwest, a love for being outdoors and a desire to create a community of women who can develop camaraderie with one another. The support of my family and friends have been some of the greatest gifts in my life and I’d like to be apart of a community that creates opportunities for other women to feel encouraged to reach their full potential. I love this organization and am excited to see it grow this year.

What are your hopes for SJ this year?

I would like to introduce countless women and girls to SheJumps for the first time by creating a buzz in the misty Northern air about the incredible events that are happening in our beautiful part of the country. I believe in the outdoors we are all on the same playing field. We can have similar experiences, challenges and incredible breakthrough moments of pure joy no matter where we are from or what our daily lives look like. As women, we owe it to ourselves and to one another to come together with support and friendship to encourage one another to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be… Exploring that personal territory in the outdoors is just how we do it within SheJumps. I want more women to know they have an outlet to figure out what they’re made of and to push their personal limits.

What activities would you like to try?

I would like to try technical mountaineering and skydiving. Both of these activities can take you to the most stunning parts of our globe.

What upcoming events can we look forward to in the Pacific Northwest?

On July 21st, Ambassador Freya Fennwood is hosting Get The Girls Out to Port Townsend! This event is an all Women’s Paddle Day in the Puget Sound. Check out the Facebook Event to sign up today.

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