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SheJumps is partnering with the Mountain MissFits & Shine Riders to provide skills clinics, and guided rides for ALL ABILITIES.  Come up to mountains, get some air, hug a tree, shred a berm, pump through some rock sections, and/or relax by the glorious Yuba River.  Yuba Expedition shuttles are running all day for just $20, and the North Yuba Trail is always beckoning new riders to come explore, straight from downtown Downieville!

SATURDAY, Sept 6th

SUNDAY, Sept 7th

9AM – Advanced Skills Clinic & Ride: Big Boulder (includes clinic, shuttle, lunch & SBTS membership)



Shuttles All Day to the Classic Downieville Downhill! Shuttles are available through Yuba Expeditions all day for $20, BOOK NOW.  The shuttle will bring you to the top of Packer Saddle (about 7100′ elevation), where you can descend Sunrise Trail (1.9miles) to Butcher (4.0 miles) or start the journey towards Big Boulder (see below).  After Big B or Butcher, you may decide to ride Third Divide (2.8 miles) or Second Divide.  The riding is not over yet, hit First Divide on your way back to town to maximize your fun.  You may be a little tired, hot and dusty if this is your first time… but know a crystal clear river,delicious food and 49 Wines are all waiting for you back in town.  Have fun, be safe, follow the rules of the trail, and always ride with a buddy or two!!

North Yuba Trail Description:  No-Drop, All-Abilities Ride – Saturday 2PM & Sunday 9AM please RSVP

“Not all mountain biking in Downieville is shuttle accessed. In fact, some of the best trails require you to earn your turns. North Yuba is a prime example. 16 miles in length, this trail offers a great cross-section of the rugged beauty of the North Yuba river canyon. Twisting and turning through lush forest, flowing streams, rocky outcroppings and ribbons of manicured dirt, its makes for an excellent cross-country adventure. Or ride it in sections to get a quick singletrack fix. The newest 6-mile section was built by theSierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. Officially completed in 2011, it connects the existing historic mining trail all the way into the town of Downieville. North Yuba Trail rides great in both directions so it makes for a fun, challenging out and back. Though the trail generally follows the river, expect numerous short, gut-buster climbs and fast, ripping descents. Starting either at the North Yuba trailhead in Downieville or Rocky Rest Campground, simply ride: out and back! Combine with Halls Ranch and Fiddle Creek for a 32 mile epic loop.” – Yuba Expeditions

Big Boulder Trail Description:   Advanced Skills Clinic & Ride – Sunday 9AM (6 rider limit please RSVP) (includes clinic, shuttle, lunch & SBTS membership)

“Big Boulder is a bit of a hidden gem among trails in the Downieville trail network. It requires a little more effort to get to and a little more gumption to get down but the effort is well worth the reward! Shortly after crossing Pauly Creek, look for a turn off to the right and a sign directing you to Big Boulder trail. A steep, rugged climb eventually brings you to an amazing vista and the start of the Big Boulder singletrack. Drop your seat, set your suspension to “shut up and hold on” and dive in. Fast, rough and rugged singletrack, punctuated by great views slashes across the mountainside, eventually leading you to Third Divide trial, where even more thrilling downhill awaits. Catch your breath, regroup with your crew and jump into Third (be sure to look left for on-coming traffic!) Or turn left and do a very short climb, then take Second Divide for even more of a challenge.”

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