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SheJazzes – Recap

#letsgetphysical  We had a rather unique social/fitness event on June 17th: SheJazzes.  And is was so fun!!  Sometimes you need to spice up the workout routine and this is definitely something for the list.  Some ladies might still be sore from all the side kicks and leg lifts but it was worth it.  Thanks Bellingham Jazzercise for donating the space for this 80’s sweat-fest of laughter and butt-kicking workout!  Most ladies showed up in 80’s workout attire so it made it all that more fun – especially the “best dressed” costume prize.  What’s not to love?  New friends and connections were made during and after for the post-jazz drink at Temple Bar.  During the class, there wasn’t a lady not smiling while trying to dance and keep up with our awesome instructor, Rachel (who loves jazzercising in a leopard mini skirt!).

Below is our funny and energetic instructor, Rachel, who went all out with the 80’s gear!  If you ever have a bad day or it’s pouring rain, this is the place to go (or any other day of the week!).  You just can’t not have fun.  Hoping to have some more of these FREE classes in the fall.  Until then, keep SheJazzing.

Thanks again, Jazzercise for your support of SheJumps and fantastic taste in music!

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