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SheJAZZES…to the 80’s in Bellingham

Want to stay fit in the “off” season but want to try something new? Come try SheJumps’ ONE NIGHT of SheJAZZES! No Jazzercise experience necessary. Jazzercise Bellingham will have 80’s beats ready for the ladies all night long. Thank you, Rachel Benson, our awesome instructor who is donating her time to SheJumps.  She learned from the best (that’s right, Richard Simmons!) and she is going to make us sweat it out in our leotards.


7pm – 8:30pm and it’s FREE!

80’s workout attire highly encouraged. Best costume awards!

Jazzercise isn’t for old people! It’s for anyone looking to spice up their workout routine by having fun! This is one for the extra rainy days in the PNW so we can remain strong and active.  And, let’s meet more SheJumpers in a new environment!  Also – check out all the other classes they have to offer.


Contact for more details.


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