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SheJumps Get the Girls Out at Crystal Mountain 2017 – Recap

In our most multi-generational turnout yet, Girafficorns of all ages came out in force Sunday morning at Crystal Mountain for a day of fun, games, shred and swag!


Registration and tutu making took place in the Bullwheel, followed by a partial group picture on the patio. Following 3 days of torrential rain, the clouds were chased away by 100 plus ladies equipped with smiles, stoke, tutus and onesies.


We split into interest and ability based groups which took over the mountain. “Queens of the Greens” searched the green runs to punch their passports. Little shredders ripped the “obstacle race course” on Disco. Our “Hill Crawlers” covered the mountain with a mobile picnic.  The Crystal Mountain Patrol gave a tour of the Ski Patrol facilities, and all groups tore up the slopes.


After lunch at the Campbell Basin Lodge, the ladies of the pro patrol conducted an outdoor interactive mountain/ski safety seminar with lots of giggles in between great info. With of course, another group photo!


No gathering of Girafficorns is complete without an Apre’, which was held on the patio with refreshments. While the adults purchased raffle tickets and enjoyed beverages, the 35 plus kids in attendance had fun sacrificing a unicorn piñata.   This was followed up with a youth swag giveaway where every kid got a gift!


We moved on to our fundraising “chance drawing” for the adults sponsored by all of these wonderful folks, where a great time was had by all!

Cheryl Kochevar

SheJumps Ambassador

3/21/2017Special thanks to our 2 amazing photographers Blake Kremer and Ryan French who were everywhere for the action, and to all of the volunteers who made this happen!Big thanks to all of our sponsors!









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