SheJumps gets Pretty Muddy

I’m happy to announce our first Pretty Muddy event was a success (and a great time)!

On September 28th, a group of 5 adventurous Virginia women set out to represent SheJumps and take on the Pretty Muddy all women’s mud run in Pocahontas State Park. We came sporting tutus, SheJumps gear, and positive attitudes. In addition to the runners, we had the support of Elizabeth Rawls and Trey Baker to cheer us on and take pictures throughout the day! It was great having our own cheering section at the finish line!!

Getting ready for the race; Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rawls

The event started off with a bang – one of the first obstacles was a giant inflatable water slide into a pit of mud.

Original Mudslide; Photo Credit: Oz Photography

It was a great way to, literally, launch us into the mud from the start and set the tone for the day. Everyone was all smiles and worked as a team to help all the girls get out of the pit with shoes still in place!

Original Mudslide; Photo Credit: Oz Photography

As the day continued, we worked up a sweat and saw many more obstacles, signs with encouraging words, and water stands!  We stuck together as a team, encouraging and pushing each other and were able to meet some other ladies along the way. It was really wonderful to see so many women in one place with the same goal – get outdoors, get fit, and support one another along the journey. We wrapped up the race in a huge pit of freshly replenished mud, where our tutus were officially retired!

Mud Bath & Beyond; Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rawls

Mud Bath & Beyond; Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rawls

Mud Bath & Beyond; Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rawls

Mud Bath & Beyond; Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rawls

Mud Bath & Beyond; Photo Credit: Oz Photography

The day came to an end with some post race photos and hosing ourselves down!

Post race; Photo Credit: Elizabeth Rawls

Post race; Photo Credit: Oz Photography

I sported a GoPro during the event to capture the action. Check out the video here:

If this looks like something you’d like to be a part of, let me know! We would love to have another group of SheJumpers get out again next year. Please email me at if you’re interested in joining our VA team! There are Pretty Muddy events in Florida, California, Texas, Ohio, and Illinois as well – it would be awesome if we could get SheJumps teams across the country next year. Let’s see if we can make that happen!!

– Cristy

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