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SheJumps Ladies Beginning Bouldering Clinic @ SBP – Recap

On Tuesday, November 17th SheJumps hosted the first of a series of women’s bouldering clinics with the Seattle Bouldering Project (SBP)! Bouldering Two is a beginning bouldering clinic designed to provide beginner climbers with an understanding of basic climbing movement and skills.

Despite a winter storm system that brought substantial rain and strong winds to the Seattle area along with power outages and flooding, twelve women made it out to attend this clinic after work. The one and a half hour class was taught by two female SBP climbing instructors and covered a range of techniques fundamental to climbing, such as bouldering strategy, body positioning, and footwork.

Since the event, the Seattle SheJumps team has received positive feedback, requests for more women’s climbing clinics in the Seattle area, and we’ve seen some great photos of the ladies who took the clinic climbing together and working on their bouldering skills! A huge thanks to Seattle Bouldering Project for hosting and instructing the clinic, and to Friction Labs for providing some chalk samples for the ladies who attended this clinic!

Krystin Norman 11/25/2015

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