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SheJumps Mountain Bike Shuttle Ride at Schweitzer Mt. – Recap

On October 8th, 2016 SheJumps hosted its second annual lady’s mountain bike shuttle ride at Schweitzer Mountain in Sandpoint, Idaho. All I can say is that this year’s ride was night and day different from last year’s ride for two reasons: 1. We had even more ladies sign up this year (40) requiring a second shuttle vehicle and 2. Last year we had perfect, cool, crisp (DRY) fall riding weather and this year we rode in a downpour and got real muddy. But you know what? This year was even more fun and I’ll tell you why: mountain bike girls are TOUGH.


During the week prior to our event we were all anxiously watching the radar, hoping that the massive storm slated for the day of our ride would somehow pass us by. It didn’t. And when Saturday morning rolled around after raining all night on the mountain, and it continued to rain at 9am at a balmy 50 degrees out, my heart swelled as carload after carload of women in tutus, wigs, costumes, bright leggings, rain suits and huge smiles stepped out into the rain to get geared up and ride anyway. Our turnout was absolutely amazing. (It actually snowed 1 day after our event and the whole mountain turned white…so yeah, it was a little chilly too)


Maybe they were just laughing at my unicorn onesie (I hope so) but it was impossible not to feel the positive energy and the anticipation to ride coming from these ladies and that’s what lifted my heart. Days like this, where the weather does not cooperate but we come together prepared for it and decide we are going to shred anyway are some of my most favorite adventures. I think it’s because people in these situations are already expecting the toughest conditions and are committed early to having the best day ever and funny enough, it often turns out that way.


We also had some nice HeJumpers helping us out and keeping spirits high. A huge thanks to Mike at Schweitzer (he builds all the trails too!) and Brian at Greasy Fingers Bike Shop for shuttling us and having blankets and hot drinks in the shuttle! Thank you also to Kyle and Paul for helping lead and sweep our rides and for being our go-to bike repair dudes for the day!


Despite the weather we had nothing but muddy smiles all day long!


I did not hear one single complaint the entire day. NOT ONE. These SheJumpers came ready to rip and that’s what we did!


It even cleared up for us a bit for our second lap!


And believe it or not, my unicorn onesie came out perfectly clean! Just added a little OxyClean and she was (almost) as good as new!


All the goodies from our generous sponsors helped us enjoy our day a little more! The first ten ladies who registered got goodies from Munk Pack, Eco Lips, and Treeline Coffee Roasters. Everyone also received a pair of purple tire levers for their packs thanks to Liv Ambassador, Jaimie! Liv also donated lots of swag to our raffle. Big props also to Karina, our local Bell Joy Ride Ambassador, for hooking us up with discounts to Qloom clothing, and for donating tons of awesome swag to our raffle – Bolle glasses, Bell shirts, and the grand prize, a set of Shimano XT brakes!


After a big day of shredding the gnar, we all congregated at Pucci’s Pub in Schweitzer Village to change into dry clothes, wash the mud off our faces, enjoy some tasty après (microbrews and Tachos anyone?!). A huge shout-out to Eric and the crew at Pucci’s for opening early for us and for showing us all a good time! We also appreciate that Eric got into the spirit and dressed up in a tutu, wig, and Hawaiian shirt.


We also capped off the day by celebrating with some social time and a bountiful raffle! A huge thank you to our generous sponsors who made our raffle so awesome: The Bike Hub Spokane, The Sports Creel, Barre at the Studio, Touch Theory, Fourth Ave Chiropractic, Physical Therapy Associates, Kind Snacks, Shimano, Selkirk Recreation District, Schweitzer Mountain, and Greasy Fingers Bike Shop!

The prizes really capped off the day and led to more smiles and high fives! (Janet brought her own tiara to ride in – why not?)


Our shuttle day at Schweitzer was one of the wettest and muddiest rides I’ve had in a long time. It was also one of the most fun! What I learned from this day is that if you are determined to go play outdoors despite some of the craziest weather you’ll experience, go with mountain bike girls. You will have a blast, guaranteed.

Anna Twohig

Spokane Ambassador 


Photo Credits: Mike Kirkpatrick, Jane Patten, Tiffany Letnes, Sandy Densmore, Penny Schwyn, and Eliza Hersch

Thanks to our sponsors!

Barre at the Studio, Bell Joy Ride, Bike Hub Spokane, Fourth Ave Chiro, Greasy Fingers Bike Shop, KIND, Lov, Schweitzer, Shimano, Sports Creel and Touch Theory.

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