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SheJumps Ski Injury Prevention Clinic at Green Lake Sports PT – Recap

This after work event provided an opportunity for dedicated skiers to learn about injuries unique to female skiers and how to get a head start on preventing them next season.We started with a quick presentation on anatomy and common ski injuries, which set the stage for the types of exercises we would be doing and why. After the lecture it was time to sweat! We started with a group warm-up to get the blood flowing, including some cardio, glut exercises, and stretches.


A quick water break later, and the girls were ready to start the conditioning circuit. We demonstrated each exercise and reviewed correct form. The girls went through ten different exercises, lasting for 90 seconds each. The small group size provided a perfect opportunity for the therapist and athletic trainers to keep a close eye on each participant to make sure they were using correct technique and provide cues. The girls worked hard, and everyone was fatigued after the first round, but these motivated ladies were up for a second set.


The GSPT staff were all impressed by the strength, motivation,and willingness to learn of all the participants. Thanks to everyone who came out, and we look forward to doing more of these events in the future!


 SheJumper / Green Lake PT

Kelly Moran

Big thanks to our sponsors!

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