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SheJumps Ski-Suite 2024: Elevate Your Skills and Adventure in British Columbia’s Backcountry

Board rooms and mountains have a lot in common. They are historically places in which women (and particularly women of color) are underrepresented with fewer than 10% of CEOs in major companies identifying as women. In the outdoors, we see women mountaineers historically being overlooked, underfunded, or simply ignored.

The similarities extend well beyond representation. The grit, perseverance, and competence required to ski a big line are similar to the characteristics essential to success in important meetings, positions of leadership, and making big moves in business. Additionally, the insecurities that emerge as we’re struggling with a pace on the skin track often mirror the panic points we feel when preparing for big work objectives.

Our first ever Ski-Suite program is designed for women in positions of leadership within their industry who find themselves wrestling with their inner critic, their self-doubt, and their confidence (despite their competence!) both on the slopes and at work meetings. We invite these leaders to join us for an incredible week at Valkyr Lodge where your ski ambitions will be honored by world-class female guides and your mindset goals will be tended to by skilled and seasoned therapists.

The purpose of the trip is to provide each leader a chance to explore their growth edges as they deepen their relationship to themselves. Gaelen and Sara (the trip’s psychological resources) believe that when we have a solid relationship to ourselves, we can show up in our life more wholly and centered. Societal, familial, monetary, and professional demands often knock us off our course and disconnect us from who we are. We all contain multitudes–we have people-pleasing parts, and parts that long for connection, we have parts that strive for independence, and others who are just angry all the time, we have a part that wants to be heard and a part that is terrified to speak up,At Ski-Suite, the goal is not to get rid of these parts but rather, to learn how to help them work in harmony. I bet everyone reading this has a part that worries she’s “too slow.” Maybe that part has even apologized to a partner who was waiting around the bend. These parts don’t need reassurance from our trail mate. They need reassurance and attention from us. When we give them this focus and understanding, they are apt to settle in and cause fewer problems for us in the long run.

If this speaks to you at all, and you identify a leader in your industry (and please note, that industry might be your family!), I hope you’ll consider joining us for a transformative week where we build connection to ourselves and one another as we learn from the best classroom I’ve ever spent time in: the snowy, glaciated fields of Canada.

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