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SheJumps Wine & Wax Kick-off Event in Bellingham – Recap

SheJumps kick-off event in Bellingham, WA on November 30th was hosted at Backcountry Essentials.


Over 30 ladies gathered together to drink wine and learn how to wax their skis and snowboards.  The major goal of this event was to not only teach attendees how to properly wax their gear but to also kick-off the first official SheJumps event in Bellingham, Washington.  Raffle prizes were given from Backcountry Essentials, Superfeet, and Kavu.  The waxing clinic and venue were both donated by Backcountry Essentials, a local outdoor store that has new and used gear, rentals, waxing, and more.


Wine was donated by Alycia Hawkins and OneHope Wine where proceeds from purchasing the wine went straight to SheJumps. Huge thank you to Jessica from OneHope Wine, especially for bringing the sparkly unicorn wine bottles.


15 women participated in the waxing clinic and a huge thank you to our wax sponsor WEND waxworks! Each attendee got to go through the entire process of melting the wax, scraping, and buffing their skis and boards.


Towards the end of the evening the SheJumps Bellingham Ambassador, Shari Karber, announced the 2018 line-up of events.  Stoke and celebrating was escalated as each event was read off.  “It was cool to see how excited everyone was as the 2018 events were announced, overall an awesome first event in Bellingham”, said Brinn Hovde, event attendee.

Special THANKS to Niki, Backcountry Essentials Store Manager, for her hosting skills and free-hand Girafficorn drawing on the chalkboard sign!

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