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Six Mile Creek in Alaska Got the Girls Out!

On Sunday, August 10th 2014, a group of 10 amazing women few of which knew each other, came together and paddled down Six Mile Creek in Alaska.

SixMileCreek AK - GTGO - 1

Females of all abilities were welcome and thats exactly what we got! Six Mile is a beautiful river located on the Kenai Peninsula, that offers class II-IV+ rapids at lower water levels. We had range of experience from beginners to expert whitewater kayakers join us on the sections that they felt comfortable on.

SixMileCreek AK - GTGO - 4

We started off the day with a couple miles of some class II whitewater that leads into the first canyon. Here ladies who just jumped into kayaking for their first time fought their way through the currents while others practiced rolls, pealing in and out of eddies and learned tips on paddling technique. When we got to the first canyon, we all got out to scout and talk about the rapids. The ladies with more experience shared knowledge of how and where to run rapids. Every female made the decision for themselves to portage or kayak the first canyon. A few took a jump and ran some rapids in the first canyon that pushed them, while the more experienced kayakers guided and set safety. In such a male dominated sport, it was truly incredible to be out there in such a large group all supporting each other. There was a different vibe being with all females that made everyone comfortable and stoked!

SixMileCreek AK - 7

After the first canyon, half the group continued through the class IV rapids downstream through the second canyon. Then onto the 3rd canyon with a handful of ladies. It was an empowering feeling to be out there is such a powerful force of nature hooting and fist pumping running the rapids one after another with amazing women. We were pumped!!!

SixMileCreek AK - GTGO - 5
SixMileCreek AK - GTGO 2

Everyone was extremely excited and empowered from their accomplishments, whether it was getting into a whitewater kayak, running difficult rapids or helping others. Connections and friends were made that allowed these women to continue to get out on the river with each other & continue pushing themselves.

Six Mile Creek - GTGO - 3

On water photos by Meg Smith  | Shore side photos by James Sweeny

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