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Spa night for bikes

Everyone loves a spa day-Even your bike!

On Thursday August 28th, 15 SheJumpers took over the Abandoned Building Brewery in Easthampton, MA and went home with sparkling shiny wheels. With the excellent tutelage of Sean Condon and Liz Budd from Speed and Sprocket Works, we learned how to take apart and clean each part of our bikes.

photo 2

Spa night for bikes means we got down and dirty. We used cleansers, degreaser and lubes provided by Pedros NA to shine and remove grime. We learned the difference between grease and lube, how to inspect our breaks for wear, how to test our bearings, and how to floss our rear cassette.

photo 3-4

There was a great variety of commuter bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and hybrids, but no matter what kind of rider, each women went home with a sense of confidence and inspiration to take her clean buddy out for a ride.

After all our hard work, we got reward ourselves with delicious pastries and cookies delivered by bicycle from Caleb from Sweet Spoken and taste a tasty brews donated by Abandoned Building Brewery.

Personally, I found it very gratifying to clean my bike! This weekend I’ve gone on and cleaned my other bikes as well. Sean and Liz taught me so well, I was able to do it myself at home, which was really satisfying.

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