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SUP Yoga Bellingham – recap

On June 28th, 18 Northwest SheJumpers jumped (and fell…) in the waters of Lake Padden, Bellingham to experience a new kind of yoga some refer to as “liquid yoga.”  More commonly known as Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) Yoga.  And it was awesome!  This was only made possible by Yeager’s Sporting Goods – thanks for the boards!


Thanks to our wonderful and patient instructor, Irena, from SUP Yoga Bellingham who taught us how to relax, breathe, balance and conquer the fear of falling in.  Though, two ladies did fall in!  It was rather refreshing in the 80+ degree heat.


Even the ladies who had never been on a paddle board or done yoga managed to pull off some of the more technical moves.  Oh, and so much laughing!

We were lucky to have some snacks donated by ACME Farms so after the workout we could munch on some fresh, local fruit.


Overall, it was a blast!  This summer has been warmer than normal in Bellingham so we are hoping to see more ladies out on the water practicing their newly acquired skills!

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