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Sustain Free Programs with SheJumps

SheJumps is breaking down barriers to make sure all people feel belonging in the outdoors. Learn more about our new Getting Started events and support this critical piece of our mission.

Last year when our in-person events were put on hold, we had a chance to re-think some of the ways we fulfill our mission. Specifically, we wanted to cultivate safe spaces to learn, ask questions, and connect with others at the same level or with similar interests. While we were talking about how to make some of these foundational changes, a program participant asked a simple question: “What’s the difference between walking and hiking?”

This stopped us in our tracks. What is the difference, and why does it matter? And more importantly: Who gets to decide what any of this means?

There’s a narrative out there that says the outdoors has to be difficult, scary, hardcore, and expensive. While certainly many outdoor activities can cost a lot of money, SheJumps exists to remove barriers by offering free and low-cost programs that make community accessible and welcoming. We want access to information to be free, and we want to invite more women and girls to discover and define outdoor terms for themselves. Time spent outdoors builds foundational skills for life, and we believe everyone should feel belonging in whatever outdoor space they enter.

That’s why we created the SheJumps Getting Started event series. Getting Started events focus on making it easy to learn about any new activity. All questions are welcome, the curriculum is led by women guides (who are compensated equitably for their time and skills), and most importantly: it’s completely free to attend.

More than one-third of all SheJumps events are completely free or donation-based (minimum donation of $1), and we rely on fundraising to offer the Getting Started series.

We’ve set a goal to raise $40,000 by June 30, so we can continue providing free events that change lives. Your donation directly funds outdoor access for women and girls through fun and free programs. This makes a direct difference in your community because more people are outside living healthy, fun, and adventurous lives.

Each of our Getting Started events will soon be available with region-specific information. This means you’ll be able to connect with other people in your local area who might also have the same questions you do! Being able to join fellow participants and gain the skills to adventure together is how community is cultivated.

We’re asking our community to donate today so we can sustain this tremendous growth and continue to cultivate community leadership in the process. By donating to SheJumps, you’re contributing to free and low-cost outdoor education and investing in SheJumps programs’ that offer access to the outdoors regardless of age, ability, background, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.

Please join SheJumps in making the outdoors a better space, a more inclusive space, and an easier space to access for everyone. Please help us reach our $40,000 fundraising goal by donating today. We need your help, and every dollar counts.

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