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The SheJumps Collection: A Skida Collaboration

We’re really excited and proud to announce our latest collaboration! We’ve teamed up with Skida – a Vermont-based headwear and accessories company- to design a fun, limited-edition print which will benefit SheJumps. 20% of proceeds from sales of the SheJumps Collection will go directly to supporting our initiatives!

Skida believes in local production and limited edition prints such as the SheJumps Collection and a fresh perspective. The entire collection is made in Vermont, which is just one element of the company supporting the local community.

Here is the rundown of the Special Collection:

Alpine Hat & Headband: Cozy fleece lining paired with a printed poly-blend outer fabric. A great weight for those colder days adding a cozy touch to a sporty design.

Nordic Hat & Headbands: The  lightweight poly-blend fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking. It allows your to stay comfy and dry while exercising and comfortable enough to wear under a helmet.

Neckwarmer: Printed poly-blend outer fabric insulated with super soft micro-fleece. Tube design keeps both face and neck toasty-warm on frigid days.

From workouts to apres to hitting the slopes or going to work – Skida covers all of your basics. Fun, bold, printed hats, headbands and neckwarmers to accent any outfit, day or mood.


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