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Trail Running & Nature Workout Recap

It was a sunny and cool, spring Monday night on May 8th for the She Jumps Trail Run & Nature Workout at McConnell’s Mill State Park in Portersville, Pennsylvania.  There were 5 women and it was a quiet evening at the park – we only saw one other person on the trail the whole night!

mcconnell's mill

To start off, we descended the long staircase from the picnic area down to the old Mill. Crossing the bridge we met up with the trail, which runs alongside the Slippery Rock Creek.  The 3-mile loop followed the creek out then turned at a bridge to come back on the other side.


The trail is laced with boulders, rocks, and waterfalls.  With the recent rain, the creek was high and moving powerful to add to the energy of the run!  Stopping along the way, we did push-ups on the stairs, lunges on the sandy shore, rock squats, side planks, balance work, and log rows.  It’s amazing how simple it is to get a full-body workout in nature (with great views)!  Some of the women in the group had never run on trails or done these exercises outdoors before and loved the simplicity and challenge.  The end of the run was a steady climb back up the staircase, and all 5 women finished strong!

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