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Upcoming Event: Crested Butte Wax Clinic December19!

A little crafty, a little classy, a lot outdoorsy! One of SheJumps favorite clinics is coming to Crested Butte! Join the ladies in America’s favorite little ski town to learn the practice of tuning and caring for your skis or snowboard!

Participants are encouraged to come learn for the first time or to refresh skills. A driving force in the creation of the event is to create the opportunity to connect with local women tied together by a common interest. A suggested donation of $10 collected at the event will cover the cost of wine, snacks, and wax. Any extra funds will be used toward future SheJumps Events.

We will meet at 5:30 at the Colorado Freeskier shop. The owner, Gabe Martin, will teach a clinic on how to wax skis and other basic tuning tips. There will be refreshments, one night discounts, prizes and also a brief planning time to hear what the ladies want to learn and do through SheJumps this winter. Don’t miss this event! Contact to reserve your spot today!

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