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Updated: May 5, 2020

Our mission is to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities. Why? Because…

We believe in women and girls.

We believe in fostering confidence and community through the outdoors.

We believe that the outdoors should be accessible to everyone.

We are wrapping up our 2018-2019 fiscal year and need your help to close out the year with a bang.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 during the month of June.

If you donate $100 or more before June 30, you’ll receive a limited-edition SheJumps LastBag made by eqpd (which is great for packing gear and helps eliminate the need for single-use bags).

This fiscal year, we’ve already reached 5,075 women and 1,055 youth through more than 150 programs and events.

This is a 82% growth rate in our adult programs, and a 24% increase in our youth programming!

Our mighty team of 106 volunteers and only 5 staff members make it happen on a shoestring budget.

We are very proud of the impact we’ve made over the past 12 years, but we want to do so much more!

That’s where you come in.

Please help us reach our goals. Donate Today!

Here’s how you can support SheJumps:

  • Make a donation during the month of June - anything helps!

  • Share this post on your social media channels

  • Follow us on social media and like, comment, share our posts throughout June - and beyond!

  • Share your own story about what you believe in and tag #SheJumps

Why we chose eqpd LastBag: SheJumps has implemented a long-term strategy to begin incorporating sustainability education and practices in both our programs, and how we do business.

How long will shipping take?

Please allow 10-14 days from your order. The bags are handmade in Twisp, WA.

How much of my $100 donation will go towards SheJumps?

70% / $70

If each of our 10,000 participants used their LastBag, we would remove over 300,000 single-use bags from the waste-stream annually. That’s a heck of a lot of bags!


What is SheJumps raising money for?

This campaign helps us sustain our organization. Things we'd like to invest in include:

  • Monthly diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) workshops & trainings for all volunteers with paid DEI professionals

  • Expanding outreach programs such as our Wild Skills Community Partnership events for immigrant & refugee girls in Salt Lake City (also known as Force of Nature program)

  • Building toolkits to provide more easily-replicated youth programs across the country

All our images are gathered by volunteer photographers who give their time and talent to capture the stories of SheJumps. Any promotional photos for merchandise and/or special campaigns are not paid models. They are volunteers who give their time and energy to showcase our goods. If you are interested in contributing in this way please contact Christy Pelland (

We welcome all women and girls (transgender and cisgender) as well as non-binary people who identify with the women’s community.

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