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2019 Summer Raffle Partners

Updated: May 5, 2020

Our raffle partners support SheJumps ability to bring outdoor education to communities across the country. These companies believe in creating opportunities for women of all ages and backgrounds to get outside and take a jump! We hope you win some of their sweet gear at our events, or look to them the next time you need an upgrade.

This June, SheJumps is kicking off another season filled with fun and educational outdoor programs. Anyone who's ever been to a SheJumps event will tell you—don't miss out on the awesome swag! This summer we are grateful for the continued support from our long-time supporters: Coola, Deuter, Flylow, Mountain Khakis, Stream to Sea, and Wild Rye. We’re also over the moon to introduce these new partners who share our passion for women and girls in the outdoors. Welcome to the SheJumps family: Brunton and Mountain Mels!

Brunton Compasses is excited to partner with SheJumps in 2019.

Through the SheJumps programming and education series, women and girls from all backgrounds get the chance to explore the outdoors in a safe and friendly environment. Brunton believes a foundation in backcountry navigation leads to increased comfort and participation in outdoor activities and a life-long love of nature.

In a world where purchasing sun care products that are healthy for you and the planet can require encyclopedic knowledge, we are glad to know the Coola’s products set the bar high. “From day one, our team at COOLA has been committed to giving back at every level to two very important global causes—supporting skin cancer awareness and protecting our environment. Living in Southern California, our lives revolve around the magic of the ocean. Recent studies have discovered that certain chemical actives found in sunscreens are actually hurting the health of our corals. The main chemical culprits include oxybenzone and octinoxate. Oxybenzone has never been included in any of our products and as of January 2019 we have banned octinoxate from our entire collection. We are so proud to be Hawaii approved as a reef-safe sunscreen!”

We are thrilled that for the past 3 years, Coola has donated product to our events to keep your skin protected and healthy!

Deuter has been making packs since 1898. Even from the beginning, the company was built on technical function, precise fit, and passion for being in the wilderness. We’ve been making women’s packs for decades and believe in celebrating differences in women’s fit. Just as functional, just as radical, but with a fit that’s designed for women. Cheers to that! This summer, Deuter will be sending out packs to our mountain biking and hiking events. (This pack has a NoSo Girafficorn patch - available in our store)

A supporter of SheJumps since the beginning, we are excited to have Flylow Gear on our raffle roster again this summer! Flylow is providing technical and cozy Priestley Riding Hoodies at our biking and hiking events. We love Flylow’s commitment to supporting both the women’s outdoor community but also their commitment to creating sustainable products. Have you checked out their remnant totes made from fabric scraps? Waste not want not!

(Psst: check your email for our June newsletter - 20% Flylow coupon is in there!)

We are having a hard time picking our favorite Mountain Khakis items – from adventure-ready pants and skirts to jackets and cute beanies, there's an incredible array of adventure lifestyle wear in their line. Lucky for us, we don’t have to choose...but you do! Mountain Khakis is donating $75 gift cards to events this summer. Get your hands on one at a local SheJumps event.

“As the MK brand has evolved, so has the need to get everyone is comfortable and functional outdoor apparel. With this said, MK is proud to partner with SheJumps to help women and girls get outside! Education, knowledge and adventure are key functions of this partnership and we look forward to helping these folks reach their highest potential through the outdoors.”

"The seed for Mountain Mel's was planted in the early 2000s when I was a backpacking guide and wilderness therapist. I found people paying me lots of money to guide them outdoors. These people carried first-aid kits and backpacks full of harsh and toxic products that were not only polluting their own bodies but our planet as well. The very plants that had the power to heal them were right along our feet as we hiked those beautiful places. This chapped my hide, and I knew I had to do something about it, so I began passing my goods around my Mount Hood community, using handwritten labels as a start.

Many years later, I'm now trained as a Clinical Herbalist and have expanded my line with delicious medicinal quality herbal teas, so you can make healthy living an enjoyable part of your daily rituals. 

Partnering with SheJumps is like a dream come true! I've always been passionate about getting people outdoors. The sense of humility, power, strength, courage, independence, and inspiration I get when surrounded by nature is beyond compare, and knowing I'm sharing that with other women and girls is invaluable!  That, and I've got my own little girl to get outside now, and goodness how "she jumps!"

Power to The People, The Plants, and The Planet!

(Psst: check your email for our June newsletter — 20% off code is in there!)

Again we’ve sought out the healthiest sunscreen partners for our events.

Stream2Sea products are ecoconscious, biodegradable and have passed extensive, independent aquatic toxicity testing for coral larvae, microorganisms, fresh water, and salt water fish species. Stream to Sea’s mission is to provide the highest quality sunscreen and body care products that are safe for you and the planet.

Knowing that every product we use on our body will ultimately be washed into the ocean, we made sure that ours will not harm you or damage our fragile environment. You can feel good knowing that you are being responsible for both your health and the health of our planet.

We started Wild Rye with the mission to bring women beautiful, technical and well-fitting mountain apparel.  Why? To get more women outside feeling confident! While we provide the gear to help more women play outside, SheJumps provides the ever-important education and funding. Our tactics, though complementary, take different approaches...but our end goals are 100% the same. We deeply believe in and echo SheJumps' efforts to inspire confidence and encourage leadership for women in the outdoors. We couldn’t be more proud to collaborate with SheJumps and further our missions together.

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