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2022 SheJumps Annual Survey

SheJumps strives to create a place to belong for all women and girls. Gaining feedback from our community and participants is a critical part of achieving this vision. We want to hear from YOU! Please help us understand how to serve our communities better by filling out our first-ever annual survey by September 15.

Your answers will help inform a baseline of information that will not only inform our programming decisions, but also hold us accountable to how our events can truly reduce the barriers to growth and transformation for women and girls.

The operational aspects of running a nonprofit can be challenging, which is why it’s vital to ask for feedback in order to ensure we’re on the right track.

What information are we looking for?

Community Interaction

How does our community interact with us? Do you attend events, follow us on social media, donate, or simply love the Girafficorn?

Community Demographics

SheJumps is committed to providing programming and opportunities to ALL women and girls. To help us understand if we are achieving our mission and being held accountable to our DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) commitments, we would love to identify the social, physical, and racial demographics of our communities. Please tell us a little about yourself. This is used only for our internal assessment to establish a baseline of impact to inform strategic decisions.

Program Impact

We want to know if you’ve engaged with in-person or online programming in the past year and how satisfied you were with the event.

Program Development

At SheJumps, we offer outdoor activities across many regions. Some of these require skill or equipment, and other events are appropriate for all ages and abilities. Here, we’re asking questions to see where we have gaps or need to improve based on our community interests.


We want to know how we’re doing with marketing and communications. Are you familiar with SheJumps impact or our Strategic Plan?

Win a $500 Arc’teryx Gift Certificate

As a special thank you for participating in the 2022 Annual Survey, we’ve partnered with Arc’teryx to provide two $500 gift certificates. If you live close to an Arc’teryx store, we’ll introduce you to your local team for an in-store shopping experience with Arc’teryx product experts. Please fill out the separate survey at the end of the 2022 Annual Survey in order to be entered to win.

Thank you again for giving us your feedback! It’s because of you that SheJumps is growing, and we look forward to what we can do together in coming years!

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