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Announcing The Girafficorn Puffy Patch

Don’t you hate it when your outdoor adventures cause a rip, snag or tear in your favorite puffy jacket or skirt? While there are now more colorful duct tape options than in the past, tape still ends up gumming up-there’s a better solution! Noso Puffy Patches wants to keep gear out of the landfill and provide a permanent fix.

Here at SheJumps, we recently announced our commitment to sustainability in our new strategic plan. We want our outdoor play ground to be healthy for future generations to enjoy. When we learned about Noso’s puffy patch, we knew it was an awesome opportunity to wear our hearts on our sleeves and create a Girafficorn patch.


Now your magical best friend will help lengthen the lifetime of your gear, keep it out of the landfill, and show the world you support SheJumps.

We recently sat down with CEO Kelli Jones to chat about her company.

How did you start the company?

We launched Noso Patches successfully on Indiegogo last year with our signature collection.  We used the funding raised to purchase all of our fabric and to build out our website.

What does being a female boss mean to you?

Being a #girlboss gives me the flexibility to design, create, and execute whatever I dream up.  I’m an accountant by day, but at night I fulfill orders and design new patches.  I create my own schedule and can ski any powder day I want.


Where does your product fit into the outdoor industry?

We are a fun brand, with a ton of passion.  We love meeting new people in the outdoor industry.  Every piece of gear should come with a Noso Patch on it, whether it be a tent, sleeping bag, backpack, puffy jacket, or ski coat.  We have the ability to close the supply loop, rescue textile waste and upcycle it into coordinating patches.  

Noso strives to help eliminate textile waste by making it easier to repair your gear. We were born in the mountains, and we deeply love the outdoors. Noso wants to preserve the environment by keeping gear out of landfills and being used. We want you to join us on this mission. 

Grab your patches at our online store.

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