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Celebrating 2023: SheJumps’ Annual Report

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

I am pleased to present you with the SheJumps’ Annual Report for July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023. Our team is thrilled to share our accomplishments and activities from the past year.

Photo by Kristen Smith

I’m excited to share that this was SheJumps’ biggest year yet. From participation to events and even funds raised (nearly $1 million, including $100K+ in-kind donations), 2022-2023 represented a big moment for our organization. To the businesses, individuals, and volunteers who have helped us get here: Thank you!

We hosted more events than ever (200!) and had more participants than ever before…but the best part? 52% of those events were free or low-cost (less than $20). Thanks to our community’s generosity, we are able to make magic like this come to life.

A marked success for our organization in 2022-2023 included our expanded Snowpack Scholarship and the return of our youth learn-to-ski programs in both Utah and Alaska. While I might be biased, I am honored to be part of the Snowpack Scholarship program and am not aware of another program that offers not just scholarships for individuals, but entire courses that foster community and connection.

Similarly, the return of our Wilderness First Aid Scholarship in Fall 2022 helped cement the efforts of a small group of individual donors to ensure Women of Color gain access and connection through technical skill building. You’ll see the fruits of this investment in a new scholarship program in the Northeast in Fall 2023, which marks a big geographical expansion for the program.

Focusing on youth development is a critical component of SheJumps’ program success, and we are proud of the impact of our youth ski programs (part of our Wild Skills flagship program) in Utah and Alaska. These have been volunteer-led since the beginning, and this year we hired a program coordinator to oversee our 15 year partnership with Alta Ski area to continue working with immigrant and refugee youth from Hartland Community 4 Youth & Families.

Looking ahead, our Annual Survey was a big success that we plan to build on for years to come. Gathering feedback from our community is extremely important to us, and our results will be reflected in our program strategy and overall organizational focus to create belonging for more women and girls.

We hope you enjoy our Annual Report!

Claire Smallwood, Executive Director & Co-Founder

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