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Dancing on the Mountain

Written by Jumper, Jen Milton, to explain to her 7 year old niece, Matilda, what she’s done over the years in a relatable way.

Did you know I like to dance?

When I was a little girl I did ballet dancing just like you. Then I learned to dance on ice which is called figure skating. Then I learned to dance on snow with my skis on. This was known as ski ballet. Then I learned to dance on my roller blades, so I could groove and roll around town.

I then learned to dance with my skis on the mountains leaving my tracks like music down it’s pretty faces.

Jen Milton 4

My favorite way to dance is to use the wind to dance with my kite! My kite can tow me across the water in summer and tow me on the snow in winter. So now I can dance all year long on both the oceans and mountains around the world.

Jen Milton 5

Now I like to teach other girls to dance with their kites so that I can have lots of friends to dance with! I look forward to teaching you one day too!

Jen Milton 3

All photos credited to Jen Milton

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