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Downhill Mountain Biking October 18th Recap

On Sunday October 18th SheJumps hosted another event at Thunder Mountain Bike Park in Charlemont Massachusetts. The first event was in September and was so much fun it had to happen again! The weather was quite different than the nice warm fall day we had in September. This time there was a high of 30 degrees and some snow! 20 jumpers and 4 amazing coaches welcomed the cold weather and set out to learn the basics to jumping.  The focus of the day was to gain the skills to get women started downhill mountain biking and to increase skills to make women more confident and comfortable on their bikes.

10-18 NE event

Five different groups from beginner to intermediate and a group ride headed out.  Courtney Molter from Connecticut was at both Thunder Mountain events and had this to say, “Had a blast downhill mountain biking at the Shejumps event, at Thunder Mountain Bike Park. I started out as a curious beginner and grew into a proficient rider-enjoying the thrill of conquering a mountain and all its roots, rocks and turns! I was also empowered by the Shejumps network in which strong and athletic women support and coach one another in their outdoor pursuits. You can come as a beginner to these events and feel complete support technically as well as surrounded by fast friends.I can’t wait for another opportunity to participate with this network of strong lady riders again!”

10-18 NE event

The groups reunited for a peanut butter sandwich lunch donated by Vermont Peanut Butter Co. and a raffle with prizes donated from and Berkshire East. Thanks to these donations SheJumps was able to raise over 400 dollars towards the youth intuitive Wild Skills. The day ended with more laps and more sunshine!

10-18 NE event

A huge thank you to Karen Korza, Paula Burton, Cat Harnden and Harold Green for coaching and all the SheJumpers who came out! As well as to our partners Thunder Mountain Bike Park, Vermont Peanut Butter Co.,, Eastern Mountain Sports Hadley MA and Eco lips.

10-18 NE event

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