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Event Recap: SheJumps + Dirt Dolls MTB Ride in Boise

Hit any of Boise’s endless miles of trails and you are always sure to find people running, hiking, and biking. On Monday, August 22, the trails in Military Reserve were particularly busy when the ladies of SheJumps and Dirt Dolls combined forces. The Dirt Dolls ( is a Boise nonprofit started by three friends with a passion for mountain biking. They started Dirt Dolls with one mission: to inspire women to pedal. “We feel it is important for the community to offer women avenues to experience the great outdoors in a friendly and encouraging environment.”  ~The Dirt Doll Founders

After brief introductions, signing waivers, and decking out ourselves with colorful tutus, wings, and tape we were ready to ride. The 40 woman were broken into smaller groups. This is done to allow the women to ride with others within their same ability level and also for proper trail etiquette. These groups ranged from beginner to expert riders, all with excited smiles. The groups rode 5 to 12 miles with stops for water, chatting, and even to change a flat tire.

All of the women then returned back to the parking lot to tailgate and socialize. For this portion of the evening Club Ride ( generously donated t-shirts, jerseys, and shorts for a raffle. Club Ride is cycling apparel company founded in Ketchum, ID. They were started with the idea that cycling apparel can be both technical and stylish. Cameron Lloyd

Club Ride Apparel Dealer Services Manager was excited to partner with SheJumps because, “Community is what SheJumps is all about. It is so important to have the support of your fellow recreationist and SheJumps does that with every activity they do. At Club Ride we are all about the ride and everything after and SheJumps does everything!”

We are thankful for Dirt Dolls and Club Ride for partnering with us on this awesome SheJumps Community Initiative event. The extreme heat and smoke cleared just in time to make for a perfect evening sharing the trails with new and old friends.

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