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Feb 20 Almost Full Moon bc ski & snowshoe to Chocolate Decadence, Peru, VT

Time: 5-8pm Snow conditions are excellent! Chance of misting in the morning, and sun in the late day! PERFECT . SO SIGN UP NOW!

Location (Include Address): Bromley Mountain Ski Resort Lodge, 3984 VT  Route 11, Peru, VT

Join SheJumps for 2nd annual full moon trek with a change of trail! We will hike or skin up a trail on Bromley , with a stop at the summit hut for an essential feed on a variety of chocolate and more chocolate!  After the feast, we will all descend on groomed trail to the bottom of the parking lot of the ski area.

Date: Saturday, February 20

Time and Location: Meet in the Bromley Lodge at 5pm. At 5:30, we will skin and snowshoe up together on a trail on Bromley mountain.

The trek takes less than an hour to the summit.

Bring water, headlamp, and pack a dry shirt, warm jacket, dry gloves and hat for the descent. Dress warmly, as you will shed layers on the ascent. Check your snowshoe or ski equipment to make sure it is in working order beforehand.

SheJumps trip leaders : and Maggie Smith

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