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Feelin’ the Northeast Winter Stoke

This week the first snow hit New England, the first ski area opened, and women of Western Massachusetts got their winter stoke on at the Northeast Winter Women’s Stoke Tune up at Valley Bike and Ski Werks in Hadley.

Valley Bike and Ski Werks’ Nick Rufe,  tune specialist and owners Charlie, Dave, and Geoff brought us into the wax room at VBSW to learn all about maintaining our equipment. SheJumpers learned what they should do annually to prep their ski’s for the new season, how to take care of their edges and wax during the year, and how to prepare and store their ski’s at the end of the season.


Charlie discussed terms like rocker, camber, and the recent changes in ski width, as well as how to choose an appropriate length for your ski. In the end all the ladies boards and ski’s went home with a fresh wax and buff. Women got a chance to ask plenty of questions they had.


Plenty of time for socializing was provided during a delicious meal from Hillside Pizza and Artisan Beverage Cooperative where we could chat and make plans for the upcoming winter. The night ended with a fun raffle of great door prizes from our local and national supported

Big thanks to all our supporters-Valley Bike and Ski Werks, Hillside Pizza, Artisan Beverage Cooperative, Kate’s Real Food Bars, Eco-lips, Aura Cacia, Ode, Village on Main, Fullsend, Central Rock Gym, Energia Fitness Studio.

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