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From Gear to Groceries: Meet the eqpd LastBag

Updated: May 5, 2020

Our latest fundraising gift is perfect for adventures, reduces the need for single-use plastic and supports a small business

ICYMI, we just launched our summer fundraising campaign and we are so excited and proud to offer the eqpd LastBag (with our brand-spanking-new logo) as a gift to supporters who donate $100 or more.

As we were gearing up for this fundraiser, we were on the hunt for a gift that aligned with our beliefs and would bring long-lasting value to our community members. As an organization, we have implemented a long-term strategy to begin incorporating sustainability education and practices in both our programs, and how we do business. The eqpd LastBag is a versatile, reliable, lifetime reusable bag built for the purpose of eliminating single-use bags and the environmental damage they create.

Here are some things we LOVE about the LastBag:

  • The mesh on the bag is made of recycled plastic, which means it not only replaces single use plastic, but it’s actually made of it!

  • It can hold up to 90 lbs of gear, groceries or whatever else you decide to pack

  • The material is waterproof, but the mesh also lets your gear breathe

  • It’s incredibly easy to clean with dish soap

  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee

  • All eqpd products are made locally, start to finish, by a talented 8-person team in rural Twisp, WA

If one person used their SheJumps LastBag every time they went to the grocery store, they would remove 300 plastic bags from the waste stream each year. If each of our 10,000 participants used their LastBag, we would remove over 300,000 single-use bags from the waste-stream annually. That’s a heck of a lot of bags!

Want to get your hands on one? Simply donate $100 or more here. LastBags will be made to order, so you can expect to receive it within 7-10 days. Since the bags are produced from recycled plastic, no two are the same and we cannot control what color you will get (but we can ensure you it will be awesome).

Huge thank you to eqpd for collaborating with us for this campaign. Follow them to see how they continue to use their business for good.

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