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#GivingTuesday & SheJumps Fund Drive

Help us provide more women and girls with more life-changing experiences by donating to SheJumps today.

We know you have many causes you care about, and we hope you will consider donating to SheJumps this year with a tax-deductible contribution.

We are currently offering a limited-edition sticker pack for any donation above $30 on our campaign. We are also featuring some of our fun Girafficorn-branded items to thank you for your contribution.

Sticker Pack 2016 Fund Drive

Limited Edition SheJumps Sticker Pack

SheJumps is almost entirely volunteer-run with only one part-time staff member! That means that your donation goes a long way. We have included donation descriptors to let you know exactly how your funds will be used in our organization.

While we aim to become a sustainable nonprofit within the next year, for now our goals are set on using funds to directly improve program curriculum, expand Wild Skills coast-to-coast, and offer more technical skills courses at a minimum cost to our participant.

Ultimately, giving the opportunity to go outside on an adventure is one of life’s great treasures. Help us give that to more women and girls by supporting SheJumps today.


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