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Honoring our adventure moms

SheJumps is proud to honor adventure mom’s this month in collaboration with our partners at Toad&Co! We took some time to connect with some of our hardworking volunteers. These women not only mentor and inspire women and girls through their work at SheJumps, but also manage to find time to inspire the next generation: their kids.

This Mother’s Day, Toad&Co is giving back to women’s outdoor adventure’s by supporting SheJumps. Toad&Co will be donating 10% of their dress and skirt sales for Mother’s Day weekend to SheJumps.

What adventures will you plan for Mother’s Day weekend? Read on to learn how some of the mom’s of SheJumps jump out.

Cheryl Kockevar

Enumclaw, WA SheJumps Amabssador: Washington

I spend my winters at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort as the RV Host and SheJumps Representative helping out with hosting ridiculously fun events! Adventure means pushing limits, seeing and experiencing new things and having a blast along the way.

My adventures have changed as a mom in going full circle from sharing my love of the outdoors with my daughter Kristen from the time of her birth when people were pretty critical to mothers taking small children on adventures – to now seeing the adventures being introduced to me by that same daughter! I am beyond thrilled that she still is my “Adventure Buddy” and that moms today getting out there with their kiddos is so much more common. I love that SheJumps allows me to help mentor mothers and daughters in that lifestyle.

Mel Matz

Loveland, CO Rockies Regional Director

Pre-Wally (my son) I was more of an epic-quester. Each trip had to be bigger, more gnarly, a mountain or route I hadn’t climbed before to check off the list. Since motherhood I’ve learned to appreciate EVERY moment I get out, even if just for one ski run.

When I began exploring, with each activity I picked up I saw my world differently and parenting is no exception, it’s added an incredible new dimension to my life. I’ve never experienced as much happy, sad, mad, preparing, unpreparedness, triumph and failure. I’m forever indebted to my mommy-mentors who have showed me their ways. It’s work to raise a wild child, in itself an adventure, but along the way I’ve had an opportunity to rediscover and redefine myself and I’m grateful for that.

Vanessa Pierce

Salt Lake City, UT Co-founder of SheJumps, Digital Marketing Director

I’ve always loved adventure, from skiing around the world to getting my pilot’s license. In fact, I liked it so much that it took a while to “settle down.” At 37, I had my first baby, Everett, who is now 15 months old. Everything is just a little tougher with a baby/toddler … but our adventures don’t go away, they just evolve. Everett has been on six airplane trips, one international … went camping at 3 months and this summer I’ll probably be able to put a fishing rod in his hands. We’re a bit more soft core than hard core now when it comes to adventures, but each family is different and needs to do what they need to do. We just go with the flow. I never thought I’d be a mom, but it was the best decision I ever made.

Kelly Drewnowski

Richmond, VA Southeast Regional Director

Adventure means showing my son the amazing opportunities that await us in the outdoors!  As a mom adventures have become even more important and a vital means to keep our son on his bike or skis, and happily away from screens.

Lauren Hugo

Driggs, ID Wyoming Regional Coordinator

I’d be lying if I said my sense of adventure hasn’t changed since becoming a mother…it certainly has, but not necessarily as a negative. My level of risk acceptance is totally different and I’m certainly not willing to accept the same amount of risk as I once was. Being a mom has been the biggest and most profound adventure of my life and no line, no ride, or route is worth sacrificing this ultimate privilege.

Being a mother has enabled me to find adventure in the everyday with my son, be it a playground epic, pump track session, or lift-serviced day with my favorite little ski partner. Sharing the stoke, passion, and finding the adventure in everyday pursuits has been the most rewarding adventure of my life!

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