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In Memory of Alicia Monahan, SheJumps Volunteer & Real-Life Hero

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

We launched our volunteer program in 2013 and have had the privilege of working with hundreds of incredible individuals since that time. We don’t always get to meet these volunteers in-person, but we still develop a relationship and learn from them about how our mission resonates with different people and communities.

Alicia Monahan joined our roster of Regional Volunteers in February 2018. Hailing from Virginia, Alicia was part of our burgeoning Southeast region and played a critical role in helping our mission come to fruition in that region.

We were devastated to learn that Alicia passed away this summer while teaching a swiftwater rescue course in North Carolina. A mother of two, Alicia leaves a huge gaping loss in her local community and also within the SheJumps community. Alicia was a firefighter who served the Chesterfield County Fire & EMS for 11 years. Our thoughts are with her family, friends, and community members who are reeling from this loss.

Here are some tributes from our volunteer team members who worked closely with Alicia.

SheJumps will carry our mission forward in her honor.

From Landon Figg, former SheJumps Event Coordinator for Virginia:

So many adjectives could describe this one of a kind human being. Transformative is probably my favorite. I remember when I first met Alicia after hearing about her joining our SheJumps team in Virginia. I was told she was a fellow firefighter which was really exciting as there are not many of us in this profession. When I met her at our signature surf event we both realized we had a ton in common! Both of us fair- skinned, freckled redheads! Need I say more?!

Describing her as adventurous is an understatement. We have all read about her accomplishments but what I’ve taken from this time knowing Alicia is that her calm, quiet, solid demeanor and the way she approached life and parenting was a testament to her character and an example for the rest of us.

I only wish I had more time with her; to learn from her; to laugh with her, especially when it came to my 95 pound bundle of atomic energy that she was helping me train; to be inspired by her.

Bless you Alicia. You will be sorely missed.

From Lori Tuskey, former SheJumps Regional Coordinator for Virginia:

Alicia’s drive and her big heart were pretty awe inspiring. She was always on the move - going after something to challenge herself, something bigger, something to serve others. When I first learned that Alicia was a firefighter I thought that was pretty badass. When I learned about her raft guiding, SARs work, dog training, and being a mom of two teenage sons I thought she was a superhero.

Alicia didn’t do these things to be a superhero though. She did them because she loved her family and her community. Alicia was above all else smart, fun, caring, resourceful and brave. She chose a career and lifestyle where these gifts could shine. We are all better for having been apart of Alicia’s community.

From Kelly Drewnowski, former SheJumps Southeast Regional Director

To say Alicia Monahan was an incredible woman is an understatement. Alicia was a true gift to the world, a woman who made a difference day after day. The way she continuously and selflessly gave her all, her time, and her many talents is truly rare. She lived her life with a fiery determination and gave 1000% to everything she attempted. Alicia was a fierce mother, driving, motivating and pushing her boys while also being their biggest supporter. She was also your biggest cheerleader, even when you didn’t know you needed one. Alicia elevated everyone around her with her encouragement and honest belief that you were capable of doing things beyond what you believed. Her belief in other’s was a priceless trait during her years volunteering with SheJumps.

Alicia was a true SheJumps Girafficorn just like the one on the tailgate of her adventure Suburban. She encouraged so many women and girls to get outside, follow their dreams and conquer their fears. She shared her spirit and drive with us while igniting a fire in each of us to jump toward our greatest potential. Potential we didn’t know we had! Whether she was hosting a downhill mountain bike event or guiding a whitewater rafting trip on a cold, rainy day, she was there cheering participants on and believing in them!

Alicia’s ideas for SheJumps were endless and always very adventuresome! Many times I had to let her know that while a skydiving event sounded amazing, as a volunteer organization our insurance wasn’t as excited as she was about it! Her ideas and dreams had no bounds and her energy and motivation was awe-inspiring! We often wondered when she slept with all she was involved in! Never have I witnessed one person make such a difference in so many different ways in so many different lives. It’s an honor to have known such an incredible human.

I truly hope Alicia had some, even small sense of the difference she made in this world and how immensely her loss is felt. God Bless you Alicia. I pray you can now see your ripple effect, because it most certainly is great.

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