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Leavenworth Rock Rescue Clinic with Mountain Madness & SheJumps – Recap

In September Mountain Madness partnered with SheJumps to provide a Rock Rescue Clinic in Leavenworth, WA providing participants with a solid foundation of companion rescue skills on vertical rock. Five women with previous traditional rock climbing experience took part in the hands on course lead by two experienced and supportive female guides.

Once participants and the guides introduced themselves and their previous experience climbing outside, the team moved in to a full day “en-rock” curriculum beginning with basic anchor builds and belay escapes, moving into more complex raising and lowering systems. We covered ascending to our partner, a variety of rappelling options, knot passes, and advanced rope work.

Site management was also a key topic throughout the course. By the end of the day participants were able to carry out various rescue scenarios using our learned techniques under the guidance of our two instructors.

The full curriculum included:

Advanced anchors and belay systems

Knots, hitches and ratchets

Belay escapes



Pre-rigged rappels

Passing knots

Tandem rappelling

Counterbalance rappelling

Transitions through all systems

A big thanks to our partners at Mountain Madness for full day of learning and fun!


Stephanie Peterson

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