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Oct 9 MTB Downhill Day at Sugarbush Resort

When : Sunday October 9  9:30 AM-3 PM

Where: Sugarbush Ski Resort    1840 Sugarbush Access Road, Warren, VT 05674

Come join SheJumps and Sugarbush Resort for Women’s Downhill Day in Warren Vermont. This is a great way to introduce yourself to downhill mountain biking, or hit the trails with new friends. Basic instruction is provided to those who have not ridden downhill before

Cost: $35 ticket. You must pre register via Eventbrite this event! If you want to rent a bike you have to call Sugarbush Resort Rental Shop and reserve it. The bike rental does not include a lift ticket, so the ticket needs to be purchased on Eventbrite. Bikes will sell out very quickly there is only a limited number … reserve the bike and then get your ticket on Eventbrite by clicking Group Options: 1)    Beginner basic skills-for those who have never downhill mountain biked 2)   Intermediate skills– for those who have been downhill mountain biking before**Once you sign up via Eventbrite please email me at to let me know which one you would like to do.Day at Sugarbush: 9:15am to 10am- Check in and get your tickets, rentals and get ready we leave at 10am! 10am to 12pm Groups head out to ride 12pm- Lunch Break 12:45pm to 3pm- Group rideWhat to Wear: Wear comfortable clothes suitable for exercising. This includes athletic shoes and socks but no open toe shoes. We require approved bike helmets and we strongly recommend that you wear a full face helmet. Additionally, we recommend that you have protective body armor that includes, leg protection, chest protection and elbow pads. This protective equipment can be rented through our rental shop. Gloves, goggles, and other recommended gear is also available for purchase at the retail store. It may rain or drizzle so be prepared to bring a rain jacket. It may also get hot and muggy, so remember to bring water or sports drink when riding.

What to Expect: Sugarbush Resort is a gravity-fed park. You take the lift up and ride down the mountain. This style of riding is best suited for very specific bicycles and gear. We highly recommend a minimum wheel diameter of 26″, protective body armor, a minimum of 4″ of shock travel, and we also recommend that all seats be set at a lower position. Riding a real downhill or enduro mountain bike with lots of plush suspension and big brakes will give you a more enjoyable riding experience. Like any sport or outdoor activity, Downhill Mountain Biking has certain risks. However, these risks can be minimized and you can have a safe, enjoyable and injury free experience by being personally responsible for your own physical wellbeing, making good decisions.

Do you want to rent or bring your own bike? You can bring your own bike. However, only Mountain Bikes are allowed. We do not allow Road Bikes, BMX Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Cyclocross Bikes or Beach Cruisers. All bikes must have front and rear brakes in proper working condition. No coaster brakes are allowed. All brakes must be a V-Style or Disc Brake configuration. No single pivot brakes are allowed! It is highly recommended that all bikes have at least a front suspension system.

It is also highly recommended that all riders drop their seat posts When in doubt, drop your seat posts! This will give you the range of motion necessary for a safe neutral riding position when negotiating bumpy, undulating terrain. While you may feel as though the seat post height on your current XC set up is proper, a lower seat height is strongly recommended.

Location and tickets: Sugarbush Resort is located at 1840 Sugarbush Access Road / Warren, VT 05. Please reserve tickets ahead of time by clicking the Eventbrite link. Please call 802-583-6704 to rent a bike a head of time. Bike Rental  $89 includes helmet   pads $16

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