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Partner Profile: Hero Kit

SheJumps is a community of gals ‘on the go.’ Whether in town, squeezing in a workout after work, or pushing our boundaries in the mountains, we’re moving and shaking. We play hard and appreciate when companies have our back, helping us to be safe, independent, adventurers. This is where HERO KIT comes in.HERO KIT, a Crested Butte, CO based company, was founded to provide empowerment, sustenance, and support, to outdoor enthusiasts of all abilities. HERO KIT makes repair and first aid kits with instructions enclosed, so that bikers can help themselves, and others, with mechanical issues “in the field.”

Hero Enterprises has a strong commitment to the environment and to community. In support of these commitments, they donate 10% of their profits to organizations and events that promote healthy communities and healthy ecosystems.

SheJumps is proud to be partnered with HERO KIT for our Outdoor Education cycling initiatives.

You can learn more about HERO KIT and scope their offerings at

“Ride On”

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