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Partner Profile: Munk Pack

If you’ve attended a Get the Girls Out this winter, chances are you’ve sampled some delicious protein packed gluten-free snacks from Munk Pack.

Munk Pack founders were always looking for portable, healthy, great tasting foods. “We wanted real food that was minimally processed, without the additives and fillers you find in most snacks.”


Munk Pack envisions a world where happiness is cultivated through healthy eating, movement, and nature. This is something we can get behind at SheJumps. As jumpers, whether we’re heading out on a day hike, a bike ride, or a back country hut trip having the right fuel keeps our brains making great decisions and bodies going strong.

Munk Pack is proud to partner with SheJumps “Get the Girls Out!” program because we know the importance of community and encouragement. Here at Munk Pack we believe that getting outside and enjoying nature is an important part of living a happy life. We’re proud to partner with She Jumps’ “Get The Girls Out!” program and fuel the communities of awesome women and girls who are supporting and inspiring each other with our nutritious, on-the-go snacks.”

The company launched with squeeze packs of oatmeal and quinoa fruit squeezes. These delicious packs are easy to travel with and are great for a light snack during hikes and climbs. They’ve recently added yummy peanut butter chocolate chip, double dark chocolate, oatmeal raisin spice and coconut white chip macadamia cookies. The cookies pack a whopping 18 grams of protein and are vegan and gluten free. They’re a perfect snack or meal replacement for adventuring.


Anyone with dietary restrictions will love the healthy ingredients, and anyone who doesn’t will enjoy their flavors and energy.

This year you can sample Munk Pack at one of our Get the Girls Out’s in your community, or grab your own by using the discount provided in our March newsletter.

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