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Partner Profile: Shredly

We don’t have to tell you, summer is mountain biking season! This year all over the country SheJumps is bringing intro to mountain biking, skills clinics, and downhill mountain biking events to a location near you. We hope you jump in and give it a try! SheJumps is about fun, color, and costumes. We wouldn’t be surprised to attend an event to see a lady shredder in a full unicorn onesie show up on a bike. That’s why were so excited to have Shredly partnering on our events this summer! Look out for their fun shorts, you might just get lucky and win a pair at the raffle. If you’re not so lucky be sure to find them on their website at

What is Shredly?

In 2012 SHREDLY was created to bring a burst of fresh style and color into the world of women’s mountain biking and beyond. Each collection is thoughtfully designed to be fun and beautiful, while carefully engineered to be used for the many outdoor (sometimes indoor) activities that we all love. SHREDLY is a woman-owned and operated company that only designs apparel specifically for…you guessed it, women. Our goal is to make the fun of every adventure begin the moment you get dressed.

How did you start the company?

The idea was born when my girlfriends and I started riding a lot but all had complaints about the lack of fun, comfortable, MTB bike shorts for women. The idea of awesome bike shorts was something that started to keep me up at night and a year or so later I left my full-time job for a part-time job that would allow me to spend more time on what was slowly but surely becoming something more tangible. Then SHREDLY was officially launched on Kickstarter and after a successful campaign the momentum continued and… here we are today!

What does being a female boss mean to you?

In my current position and in the MTB industry it means that I get to be part of a paradigm shift that is overdue. Being a woman has been nothing but advantageous to me from the beginning of SHREDLY, so now that I am in this position it means that I get to build a business where this trickles down. And represents the values, ratios, and practices that will eventually become the norm.

Why did you decide to support SheJumps?

As a women’s-specific apparel brand whose purpose is to outfit women for adventure and enhance their outdoor experiences in every way possible, we could not align more in mission, passion, and reason for being than with SheJumps. Having a connection with nature, embracing community, and empowering ourselves with outdoor education are all matters near and dear to our hearts. We are thrilled to partner with SheJumps to further their mission of increasing the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities and look forward to growing our communities together. – Ashley Rankin, SHREDLY Founder and Designer

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