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People-led Organization: Volunteers Bringing Opportunities to Regions

As an organization that practices what we preach, we’re raising money to ensure our organization can continue to call women in—regardless of age, race, ability, or background— and foster courageous leaders. Will you please make a donation to support this work today? There’s only 2 more days to help us reach our funding needs! Any amount helps!

SheJumpers are community leaders who tackle the challenges in nature and in life. Through these powerful and transformative experiences, women and girls find a voice to encourage and invite others, passing along the skills, tips, tricks, knowledge, and experience that make the outdoors more enjoyable and accessible.

While women and girls at SheJumps events are learning and growing both as outdoor adventurers and individuals, there are more than 100 volunteers working behind the scenes to ensure those opportunities come to fruition.

As a people-led, and largely volunteer-driven organization, SheJumps invests in its volunteer program. With a curriculum that includes a series of meetings and individual assignments, SheJumps’ volunteer program provides tactical leadership, extensive program and event training, and a focus on inclusion that reflects our core values. Looking forward to next year, we’ll be on track to have yet another record-breaking year of impact through the incredible dedication of these team members.

Collectively our volunteers donate more than 18,000 hours to the SheJumps mission every year.

“I choose to volunteer for SheJumps because I believe that playing outside and having the right support to learn new outdoor skills can be powerful and life changing. This is something I can personally attest to and is now an integral part of my life. It wasn't until I had the support and mentorship of a dear friend that I rekindled my love for adventuring and she helped me find the confidence to take on new challenges and skills in the outdoors. At SheJumps, we have the opportunity to break down barriers to outdoor recreation. By providing these experiences through SheJumps, our community of women and girls are given the tools to become leaders and adventurers. I wish I had found something like SheJumps earlier and now I have the chance to share these opportunities with others!” - Amanda Baseler, Colorado Event Coordinator

Support SheJumps

We’re asking our community to donate today so we can sustain this tremendous growth and continue to cultivate community leadership in the process. By donating to SheJumps, you’re contributing to free and low-cost outdoor education. You’re investing in SheJumps programs’ that offer access to the outdoors regardless of age, ability, background, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.

Please join SheJumps in making the outdoors a better space, a more inclusive space, and an easier space to access for everyone. Please help us reach our $40,000 fundraising goal by donating today. We need your help, and every dollar counts. Will you give $20 to SheJumps?


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